Stamford Condos

Stamford Condos and Townhouses have been very popular because of their affordability and low maintenance. One bedroom condos start at around $160,000 and upscale condos in Stamford run around $600,000 with some new luxury condos selling for $2,500,000!

Stamford Connecticut offers a great variety of condos. The Stamford downtown condos are just five minutes walk from all the downtown theaters, movie theaters, and restaurants. More affordable condos in Gleenbrook start under $200,000. For upscale living take a look at Chesterfield.

The multiple complexes of condos and townhouses in Springdale offer very convenient access to Springdale train station if you commute to New York City. The commute from Springdale train station is just 50 minutes to Grand Central on 42nd on Manhattan. Springdale is the great location for families.
Another great neighborhood is Grove Street. Enjoy all the entertainment in downtown and walk to your office.

If you enjoy views of the Long Island Sound the waterfront Condos in Shippan area would be a good choice for you.

What exactly is a CONDO?

A condominium is not a type of house but a form of ownership. The owner has title to a single unit, as well as a share in the common elements such as elevators or surrounding land.

Stamford Condominiums Construction Types.

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Stamford Townhouses

Need more privacy and a little more room then a condo? Want the tax benefits of owning a home? The potential for home price appreciation? Don't want to mow your lawn and do your own landscaping? Feel priced out of the Stamford homes market? Then you probably should consider buying one of the many of the Stamford Condos and Townhouses available in our area.

The Stamford townhouses are mostly concentrated in Springdate, Gleenbrook, Midridge, and some in Downtown areas of Stamford . Townhouses are great, more affordable alternative to single family detached homes. Townhouses in Stamford are very popular among first-time homebuyers.

Stamford townhouses usually include one garage or/and a parking lot per unit. They usually offer a community swimming pool that could be great if you have children. The floor plans average about 1,500 - 2,200 square feet with the kitchen, dining room, living room downstairs and the bedrooms on the second floor. Most townhouses have two bedrooms. The townhouse owners are responsible for paying for maintenance fee and hazard insurance.

Although as the owner of Stamford condo or townhouse you enjoy a maintenance free life, you are becoming a member of the homeowners association. The homeowners association is usually responsible for maintaining the outside walls and the roof, common areas, the landscape areas, and making sure all the homeowners follow the rules. Homeowners are required to pay an association fee that covers these expenses.

Having this information BEFORE you make a real estate buying or selling decision will make all the difference whether you pay too much for your next home, condo or townhouse or get too little selling your stamford real estate propery.

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