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Six Truths About Pricing Your That Every Home Seller Needs To Know

Truth #1: Buyers buy after "shopping around". In their search for the best buy they are comparing your property to the others currently on the market.

Truth #2: Sellers control the Listing price and salability of their homes but buyers control VALUE -- the Selling prices . A property is worth what the market (buyers) will pay.

Truth #3: If a property sits on the market for more than a few weeks it gets shop worn (stale... like an old donut). Price it right in the beginning while it is fresh and buyer interest is at its peak.

Truth #4: Most properties must be sold three (3) times...

  • First...to the real estate agents who have the buyers. If they don't see it as a decent value, they may not show it and they will take their buyers elsewhere.
  • Second... to the buyers. If they don't see it as an attractive offering, they'll look elsewhere.
  • Third... to the lender who will make the loan and the lender's appraiser. If this group doesn't see the value... no loan.

Truth #5: What it means if...

  • No showings: Agents don't see your offering as worthy of showing to their buyers. Or, buyers themselves aren't interested enough to look.
  • No Offers: Buyers don't see enough value to even negotiate or try to buy.

Truth #6: Overpriced properties actually help well-priced properties sell.

Pricing the home properly can make a huge difference in whether a house is purchased within the first several weeks of listing or sits on the market just loosing it's price and appeal..

Proper Pricing is Critical To Sell Your Home. Here're the Dangers of Overpricing Your Home:

  • It helps sell competitor's houses
  • It discourages qualified buyers and eliminates the offers
  • The Mortgage loan can be rejected
  • It reduces advertising response
  • It discourages showings by other agents
  • It attracts bargains hunters

Here's what I to help you determine the Fair Markt Price of your home:

We will perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of the market value of homes in your neighborhood because ...

Pricing your home is the single most important step in successfully marketing your home!

We will collect data from various sources, produce the computer analysis. We will study contracts that have closed in the past 90 days, contracts that are pending, and homes that are currently on the market.

From this information we can determine recent market activity, immediate market value of the neighborhood, and the degree of competition in the area. Our analysis will be concentrated on homes similar to yours, and we will also include descriptions of the homes used in the analysis so that you can compare you home's features with the other homes. In the marketing of any product, features, price and competition (supply) are three of the most important factors of a successful sale.

Once we have collected the data we will compare each of the homes with your home to determine an accurate price range for your home. We will present you with an up-to-date, accurate price range (i.e., $578,500 - $599,990).

The information you provide, such as marketing features of your home and the answers to the below questions, will help to further pinpoint the value of your home. Other factors to consider include the condition of the home and the time frame of your relocation.

Then we apply the current market's bid/ask spread to determine the asking price.



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