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Preparing Your Home For Sale...

A Home Selling Checklist To Make Sure Things Get Done

Basement, Attic, Garage

  Dispose of everything you are not going to move.
  Pack all items you won’t be needing until after the move and
arrange neatly, so the exterior walls can be inspected.
  Basement and attic stairways should be well-lighted & free from
  Increase bulb wattage on stairways and in basement, attic and
  Basement and attic handrails must be secure.
  If basement is dark & gloomy, consider painting ceilings and
walls a light color.
  Sweep floor of garage; remove any stains and dirt.
  Organize tools and garden equipment.
  Wipe off any dust and dirt from water heater and furnace.

General Interior Items

  Entry area should be spotless.
  Entry area closet should appear roomy. Remove out of season items and add extra hangers.
  Eliminate cooking, smoking and pet odors.
  If there are smoking odors, have furniture, drapes and carpets cleaned.
  If there are pet stains, carpet and padding may need replacement.
  Stick to neutral colors if painting or replacing carpets.
  Wash all windows - take advantage of natural sunlight.
  Window screens should be in good condition and free from holes.
  Make sure all lighting fixtures have working light bulbs.
  Increase bulb wattage in basement area.
  Clean all carpets.
  Clean all wood and tile floors.
  Get rid of cluttered closets . . . leave very few items on the floor of closets.
  Consider moving large pieces of furniture into storage.
  Clean and polish woodwork.
  If the season is appropriate, open windows and let the fresh air into the house.

Kitchen and Bathrooms


  Clean and organize all storage space.
  Avoid clutter, store small appliances.
  Clean ventilating hood and exhaust fan.
  Sink, cabinets, appliances and counter tops should be clean and fresh.
  Wash & organize cabinets.


  Check all faucets. Repair any dripping faucets.
  All surfaces should be spotless. Clear off vanity countertops.
  Replace worn shower curtain(s).
  Remove all personal care items from sight and neatly store.
  Clean and organize drawers and linen closet.

  Clean and repair caulking.


Preparing Your Home For Sale

Living Areas

  Have walls and ceilings in top shape.
  Repair any damages that may have caused ceiling or wall stains and re-paint.
  If repainting, stay with neutral off-white colors.
  Replace any burned out light bulbs.
  Add higher wattage light bulbs if rooms are dark.
  Be sure all lighting switches are in working order.
  Wash floors.
  Remove stains from carpeting.
  Clean and organize closet space...remove out of season clothing to make closets appear larger.
  Consider adding fresh or silk flower arrangements throughout the house.
  Sweep and clean fireplace.
  Make sure all doors and windows open and close easily.


The 8 Interior Items That Buyers REALLY Notice

  1. Buyers take special notice of light & bright homes. Buy high-intensity light bulbs and be sure to clean all light shades and covers.
  2. Buyers notice especially clean homes. Do a “spring cleaning” throughout... no matter what the season is. Give special attention to the following: windows and screens, counter and appliance tops, mirrors, ovens, sinks, toilets and tub/shower areas.
  3. Buyers notice clean windows, freshly laundered drapes & curtains.
  4. Buyers notice freshly cleaned carpets and waxed floors. Replace or repair damaged areas of the floor or floor covering.
  5. Buyers notice spacious rooms; arrange furniture and decorations to improve each room. Remove unnecessary items that don't fit in.
  6. Buyers notice colors that will blend with their decor and furnishings. Consider brightening things up with a fresh coat of paint. Think white, off-white or beige. Such colors make aroom look bigger and brighter, and these colors are most likely to go with the new buyer’s furnishings.
  7. Buyers notice closet & cabinet space. Neatly arrange everything in your closets, cabinets and other storage areas including the basement and garage. Get rid of all unnecessary items.

  8. Buyers pay attention to tiny details. Fix all of the 'little things'... loose door knobs, leaky faucets, towel racks, clean and repair caulk areas.



The above checklist is for informational purposes only & is not a substitute for legal, tax or other professional assistance.

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