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Marketing Plan of Action To Sell Your Home.

How Lena Getman Will Sell Your Home For The Highest Possible Price.

To get the highest price possible for your home in a shortest period of time with less problems an extensive marketing plan should be prepared and thoroughly executed.

I recognize that every client and home is unique and often requires a personalized marketing, close client relationships, and regular communication and follow-up.

In Selling Your Home My Objectives Are The Following:

  1. To create a maximum exposure for your home to show it to as many qualified buyers as possible until it is SOLD.
  2. To assist you in obtaining the highest dollar value for your property with the least amount of problems within the fastest time in a most productive and effective way.
  3. To communicate the results of our activities to on a regular basis.
  4. To constantly seek the best possible methods of exposing your property to potential buyers in the marketplace.
  5. To market your home aggressively by personally presenting it to my colleges, your neighbors and potential buyers. I do not just wait until right customer finds your home.

The are many components necessary for a fast sale, but three most important are the good price, the great property condition, and the execution of a great Marketing Plan that guarantees the market exposure of your property.

My Marketing Plan of Action is build on many pillars that guarantees the successful selling of your home. It includes many conventional selling tools and techniques that any agent should offer you and my added value services that I offer to my clients.

To Prepare the Listing for the successful Marketing We’ll Do The Following:

  1. Meet with home owner to view their home and discuss their needs and objectives.
  2. Determine the key selling features of the home.
  3. Help you stage your home for sale.
  4. Discuss with you selling points and possible improvements to enhance the value of your home.
  5. Explain your showing options.
  6. Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis showing all the competing listings and comparable sales in the neighborhood. Help determine an appropriate listing price for the home.
  7. Prepare personalized marketing program.
  8. Complete listing agreement.
  9. Take pictures of interior and exterior of the property.
  10. Measure all the rooms. Identify schools, recreation, shopping, public transportation.
  11. Help Sellers to fill out the Disclosure and take out for brochures.
  12. Research Mortgage information and calculate the monthly payment for a buyer.
  13. Prepare feature sheets and a color brochure with multiple photos of the home.
  14. Prepare all paperwork for proper documentation of the listing.
  15. Compare Deed from city records with File; Check city tax rolls for sq. ft., lot size.
  16. Deliver the feature sheets and the brochure to the home owners for their approval.
  17. Estimate your selling costs and how much money you will net at closing.
  18. Prepare the "Seller's net sheet".

Sales Promotion And Advertising. The Following Is My "Performance Campaign" For Marketing Your Property:

  1. Submit your property to the Connecticut Consolidated Multiple Listing Service (CMLS) with Property Data Sheet and Pictures for exposure to over 3000 agents and their qualified buyers.
  2. Check MLS weekly to make sure the listing is accurately recorded and updated.
  3. Contact all agents known to have an interest in this type of property.
  4. List needs with our exclusive "Have/Want" computer clients database. E-mail details about the property all clients in the database who indicated an interest in this type of property.
  5. Design and write a Marketing Ad for the property. Place the ad in appropriate media.
  6. Put electronic lock box on property. Get keys cut.
  7. Install the sign on the property.
  8. Coordinate showing instructions with tenant if necessary.
  9. Personally speak with your neighbors about your home, neighborhood benefits, and their knowledge of potential buyers.
  10. Send a personalized letter with Just Listed Announcements to residents in your neighborhood promoting the features and lifestyle benefits of your home.
  11. Follow-up the letters with a phone calls.
  12. Schedule Broker open houses to introduce your home to large number REALTOR® s and their buyers - Tuesday or Friday from 11am-1pm.
  13. Prepare an informational brochure with a photograph of the property and a list of features and benefits. This will be used by the cooperating agents to demonstrate the property to their potential buyers. Furthermore, they will be distributed as follows:
    • Available in the offices of Coldwell Banker.
    • Distributed at any Coldwell Banker Broker meetings.
    • Distributed to all competing local real estate offices for maximum exposure to other agents in the area.
    • E-Mailed to the clients in my personal database that indicated interest in similar properties.
    • Distributed by way of unique mailbox and caddy tray system and at all real estate gatherings and exchange meetings.
  14. Follow up by phone all agents and my database of clients known to have an interest in this type of property.
  15. Exchange information with all relocation firms.
  16. Complete a schedule of "CASH IN POCKET" for each offer presented.
  17. Second broker open house on Tuesday or Friday from 11am-1pm.
  18. Organize and coordinate a public open house.
  19. Pre-qualify, when possible, all potential buyers to save time and energy.
  20. Send surveys to all salespeople who have seen the property requesting feedback and suggestions of any changes that should be made to make the property more marketable to a buyer.
  21. Arrange interim financing, where necessary.
  22. Create additional exposure through a professional sign, riders, and a brochure box.

Exclusive 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week Marketing Services Offered by Lena Getman to You to Sell Your Property:

To advertise your listing 24 hours a day 7 days a week and allow an Easy-No-Pressure Access to the information about your property I offer the following unique services:.

  1. Put your home on my 24 hours a day 800-593-LENA Hotline - an exclusive, 24-hour interactive telephone system that gives buyers Up-to-date Pre-recorded Information about your property. Your listing gets unique phone extension and I get a notification of the buyers calls within seconds after they called. Prospective buyers feel much more comfortable calling the Pre-recorded hotline to get the information.
  2. Create an Internet Page for the property. Promote your home nationally on my personal web sites www.Homes-source.com and www.Stamford-Condo_Guide.com, coldwellbankermoves.com, Realtor.com homesekers.com, homeadvisor.com, Yahoo.com, and twenty search engines to achieve maximum exposure for your home on the web.

    www.Homes-source.com is highly visible on the web. It holds leading positions on the first search page for the main Stamford Real Estate related search keywords on main search engines such as Yahoo.com, MSN.com, and Google.com. We have 150-240 unique visitors a day that give your property addition exposure and help me maintain an extensive database of potential clients for your property.
  3. List needs with our exclusive "Have/Want" computer clients database. E-mail details about the property all clients in the database who indicated an interest in this type of property.
  4. Prepare and Set up the "Follow up Feedback on all showings" instruction and the form and put it on my Website.

Here Is How We Communicate The Progress To The Seller And Provide You With Weekly Feedback & Market Updates.

  1. Email or mail the client a report letter with a review the marketing activity.
  2. Follow up with the listing update call weekly. Remain up to date on all showing of your home.
  3. Mail a copy of the multiple listing, adds, and all promotional materials for your approval. Send you feedback responses and update my "Follow up Feedback" Web page.
  4. Every four weeks call Customer To Discuss Market Position. Review the Market Position is necessary.
  5. Update you as to any price or changes in the money market and their effect on the sale of your property.
  6. Make you completely aware of all the various methods of financing that a buyer may want to use.
  7. Log all calls generated and the source of their origin.

In addition every five weeks:

  • Update market analysis - complete new comparative market analysis.
  • Evaluate activity, price/terms with seller and adjust accordingly (phone or meeting).
  • Overcome buyer objections with seller. Complete list of solutions to objections or reduce price.

Negotiate The Best Price And Terms For Your Home.

  1. Help you objectively evaluate every buyer's proposal, explain the terms and conditions.
  2. Advise you on how to maximize your profit in a multiple offer situation if it occur.
  3. Review contracts with you and represent you upon the presentation of all contracts by the cooperating brokers.
  4. Assist you in negotiating the very best possible price and terms for you, ensuring that your Best Interests are fully represented.

Here Is What I Do To Monitor And Coordinate All Activities And Vendors During The Escrow Period To Ensure The Successful Closing:

  1. Guide you through the complete escrow process to ensure that all situations are dealt with in a timely and professional manner.
  2. Handle follow-up and keep you informed, after the contract has been accepted, on all mortgage, title, and other closing procedures.
  3. Consistently monitor all time limits, terms, and conditions on contingencies that need to be met by buyer and seller.
  4. Check progress and status of buyer's loan on a continuing basis to help minimize the risk of a transaction with an unqualified buyer.
  5. Attend all inspections and assist in solving any and all problems which may arise.
  6. Assist in providing the appraiser with the best comparable sales in your area to ensure that your home appraises at the highest possible value.

Have your check delivered at the close of escrow!


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